Breaking Free

Breaking Free was not easy. It required me to surrender entirely to Christ. It was a process that was painful but worth it. I had to change the perspective of how I viewed myself and grow in my walk. I surrender my flesh daily and continue to do so. Whenever my negative thoughts or feelings arise, I must take them captive and praise my way through them. How do I do that? I talk to God; I thank him for who I am in him, read my word or worship in song. I have learned you can overcome by replacing your mind with his. Ask yourself WWJD in this situation?

Finding Yourself

I found myself when I found my purpose in Christ. I found myself when I volunteered in shelters and realized that I was not alone. I found myself when I realized that everyone goes through things that did not define me. I found myself when I stopped worrying about how other people viewed me. Lastly, I found myself when I looked into my children’s eyes and realized that they needed me to find myself. You can find yourself too; your pain has buried who you indeed are, but it was not meant to stay. Release it and allow yourself to LIVE again!

Moving Forward

I will continue to grow and help others that suffer in finding their way. I want to establish shelters for victims and help them overcome, just as I have. I will carry out the vision and promise that God gave me. I will never forget where he has brought me from, and I will always give him the Glory for it all. If you would like to sew a seed into the vision, I am happy to provide you with detailed information on how you can do so. Reach out to my Contact Info area at the top of this website page.

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